How to understand what is the number of licenses we need

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Allure TestOps' license is issued for a named user, i.e. each person registered in the system requires a license. 
Even if a person logs in to the system once per week, this person consumes one license. 
Licenses aren't distributed or shared between users.

We have so-called authorities in our system, these are 

There is also ROLE_BOT described here.

Authority defines the rights related to access to different areas of the deployed instance.

Qty of  consumed licenses
Allows overall system administration + same rights as ROLE_USER
This is a usual user who can work in projects and create projects.
Read-only user, not counted in the consumed licenses. This user can only view information in the projects where they are added to. No matter what, these users cannot do anything except viewing.
Admin (user name is `admin`) user account
user `admin` is a special system account, cannot be deleted, cannot be altered via UI

The current status of the license consumption can be found by an administrator (ROLE_ADMIN) in the UI: https://ALLURE_TESTOPS/admin/license

  1. Seats are the number of paid licenses, i.e. the total number of named users with roles ROLE_ADMIN or ROLE_USER you are allowed to register in the system accordingly to the license agreement.
  2. Total paid licenses used is the current number of named users with roles ROLE_ADMIN or ROLE_USER already registered in the system.
  3. Remaining is the number of named users with roles ROLE_ADMIN or ROLE_USER you can allow to register in the system in addition to the Total paid licenses used.

If you have a situation like in the image below, this means there is a violation of the license agreement and you allowed more users to register in the system than permitted by the license agreement.

*Allure TestOps requires an admin user account to be created and kept in the system.

Admin's user name and password are defined in the configuration file, and it will be restored to the state described in the configuration to ensure you won’t lose the access to your Allure Testops instance.

You cannot delete/disable this user and you cannot remove the admin’s rights for this user – during the next start of Allure Testops, it will recreate the user again with all set of available rights, with the password defined in the configuration file.

Also, when the license expires, all system users except Admin are blocked and only Admin is able to enter the license.

Combining roles

Manual combining of different roles for one user does not make any sense – the role with higher privileges always prevail. 

When you are using the groups sync with and external IAM system, the users usually will have 2 roles – ROLE_AUDITOR as per the default role assignment and a role accordingly to an IAM group.

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