Roles and access and rights

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There are 3 types of roles in TestOps at the global level, they are stored in the configuration, so they are considered to be the most basic.
Admin(member+), User(member), Guest(ex Auditor).

1. Admin - Has all rights in the system. Can enter and perform any actions in any project, has access to global TestOps settings that affect all users and all projects. Can invite new users, deactivate existing users, change user roles. Update the license in the system (If it is not expired yet).
In fact, this role User + rights to global level settings and unlimited access to all projects.

2. User(member) - a user who has permissions for all actions for independent work in TestOps. A user with this role can create his own projects and work completely autonomously within his projects, provided that his work does not require additional settings at the level of the whole system, in this case he will need the help of a user with the role of Admin.

3. Guest - has no rights to make any changes to the system. This role is created only for viewing the system.

Accesses and rights.

As mentioned earlier, access to all projects is available only to the user with the global role Admin.
In the case of User(member) and Guest(ex auditor), by default they do not have access to projects of other TestOps users. Projects with the Public status are considered to be an exception.

To set up access to a project, you need to decide what permissions you want to grant a user in your project?

There are 3 standard sets of permissions in a project:

Owner - Can perform any actions to work in the project + the project settings menu is available.
Write - Can work in the project and make changes to the project content, but does not have access to the settings.
Read - Can only view information inside the project, without making any changes.

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