Why do I see the test results marked as orphaned and what does it mean?

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The test results in Allure Testops launch will be marked as Orphaned in following cases.

  1. An invalid AS_ID (ALLURE_ID)is received in the results
    • i.e. ALLURE ID does not yet exist in the instance of Allure Testops (this attribute is managed by Allure Testops and you cannot use random IDs.
  2. There is no valid ALLURE_ID, and there is no full pathin the test results.
    • full path us used to unmistakably match a test result to a test case
    • unofficial/custom integration with Allure Framework targeted to the work with Allure Report only, might have no support for the full path attribute

Possible solution

No full path data

To be able to import the results containing no data on full path, the valid AS_ID (ALLURE_ID) attributes should be provided via code and be available in the test results.

You also need to check if you are using most recent dependencies in your project and then check the generation of the results again.

For the dependencies please check the official repos of Allure Report project at GitHub: https://github.com/allure-framework

Incorrect ALLURE_ID (AS_ID) and no full path data

You can only assign an existing Allure ID to a via the code, if your test framework/PL aren't supported via JetBrains IDEs, you need to create a manual test case, copy its ID, and provide its ID to the code, then upon arrival the manual test case will be replaced by the data from the automated test result.

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