General description of test results upload

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Generally, the workflow is the following:
  1. CI's pipeline triggers Allure TestOps' agent
    1. In case of GitLab, GitHub, CircleCI this will be allurectl.
    2. In case of Jenkins this will be the Allure TestOps plugin for Jenkins.
  2. Allure TestOps agent gets the connection params from the settings and triggers build job
  3. Allure TestOps agent starts watching the allure-results folder
  4. Code starts the execution of tests' logic
  5. Tests' logic uses test framework 
  6. Test's logic uses allure framework
  7. Allure framework saves test results
  8. Allure TestOps agent sends the test results in async mode to Allure TestOps

When we say Allure TestOps agent, we usually mean it's either allurectl or Allure TestOps for a certain CI system (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo).

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